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Installed on the forecourt of the Museum Quarter in Vienna, the structure is meant to highlight the constant change that occurs in urban environments. Apart from an enticing place to relax, it also offers an overview of the city center, and gives people a chance to visualize the changes that have taken place over the past few years. The designers also explain on their website that the location was selected in order to revitalize some of the less frequented places around the Museum Quarter.

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As part of a plan to make the House of Hammocks more mobile, and avoid troublesome building regulations, it was built as a prefabricated wooden structure that can be moved. Steel beams were used to guarantee the building’s stability, which also made it easier to classify the structure as a piece of art and not a piece of architecture. Future destinations haven’t been decided yet, but when they have, the designers will work with Griffner Haus AG to shift the soothing summer hangout elsewhere.

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Images by Heri & Salli