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From the outside, the Mobile Machine has something of a mechanical appearance given its metalic facade and a double hydraulic door system. But the interior is finished in wood and looks more snug than industrial. Some of the self-sufficient mechanics include plumbing, energy storing devices, water for drinking and irrigation, telecommiunications lines and purifying systems.

This futuristic module is constructed around a central shared space that includes ladders and a hole overhead for inhabitants to climb up to bed – a really cozy idea. A second space is used for bathroom facilities, and a third for a storeroom. What more could you need? A kitchen? Sorted – with an outdoor facility that can be set up as an extension of the interior.

Once the eco-home is on solid ground, outside elements can be added on that can double the amount of space available to inhabitants. Terrace decking, a pergola, and a pond are all constructed on site.

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Images via adhoc msl and David Frutos