The problem with wind farms is that they’re stuck wherever they’ve been stationed. Granted, they’ve been installed in areas that benefit from high wind activity, but what if you had a portable wind farm that could follow you wherever you needed power? Enter the Mobile Wind Turbine, designed by Pope Design!

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The Mobile Wind Turbine has the potential to solve energy issues wherever they might arise, as long as there is a strong wind blowing. Consider it – be it a rock concert, a disaster relief mission or even a military operation – power is going to be needed and rather than using finite resources, what better way to offset any unfriendly eco-impact than to use the wind around you to diversify or completely power your energy needs?

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Situated on the back of a hybrid carrier – that also uses electricity generated by the turbines to run – the Mobile Wind Turbine can be transported to any area to harness the wind. And should the wind drop or the vehicle’s batteries completely drain, a diesel generator will kick in to ensure that it’s not completely stranded.

An ingenious design that also kind of resembles the rescue vehicle from Thunderbirds, the unit’s self-erecting two-piece wind turbine tower can be easily raised to provide power when needed. The concept works very much like a pair of scissors, but powered by hydraulics on the vehicle’s base. Once the tower made from a light-weight thermoplastic is raised, the main vehicle braces itself with supporting legs, making for a stable power source to meet any need.

But, why stop at just one vehicle? With a fleet of them the possibilities are endless.

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