Frank Lloyd Wright meets modern day prefab in the stunning Mod.Fab home, developed by students at Taliesin West in collaboration with their Dean Victor Sidy and Inhabitat favorite Jennifer Siegal. The goal of the collaboration was to build a prototype prefab conducive to elegant and sustainable living within the heart of the desert landscape. It only took a single picture for us to become instantaneous fans, and from passive solar design to photovoltaic panels and SIPs we’re thoroughly impressed with the project’s sustainable elements.

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The Mod.Fab prefab runs a modest 960 feet and currently stands nearly completed on the campus grounds at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture Taliesin West, located just outside of Phoenix, AZ. Sourcing suppliers local to the area, the Taliesin team decided to go with SIPs (structural insulated panels) for the surrounding structure of the Prairie Mod, which allowed them to cut down on on-site construction time while reducing construction waste.

In addition to the SIP skin, the project will use a combination of passive and active environmental control systems including natural ventilation and lighting, and a gray water recycling system along with water catchment. Solar panels are installed adjacent to the bedroom, providing both privacy and power to the project while keeping costs down since the panels did not have to get integrated into the roof. The hope is that the structure will be entirely self sufficient in the end.

The project, entirely built by the students, now sits nearly complete furnished with furniture borrowed from Design Within Reach.

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