Wave lounge, 0-to-1, recycled cardboard lounge, eco lounge, eco furniture, green furniture

The Wave Loung by 0 to 1

Designed by 0 to 1, the Wave has been constructed from recycled cardboard cores that were once used to hold fabric or packing materials. The structure is connected by c-clamps.

metro cuff, subway cuff, subway jewelry, metro jewelry, tiffany burnette

Metro Cuff by Design Hype

Wear your city on your sleeve with Design Hype‘s stylish Metro Cuff. Each cuff is stamped with a particular city’s map and they allow locals and visitors alike to navigate the subway system in an inconspicuous way. Featured cities include Milan, Paris, NY, Berlin and more!

Apoacalpse Backpack, Ingo Wick, canvas backpack, lef saving backpack, disaster relief design

Apocalypse Backpack by Ingo Wick

If you’re worried about the apocalypse, then the Apocalypse Backpack by Ingo Wick may your best chance for survival. Weighing at about 6 lbs this backpack comes with all the basics, including a canteen and compass. The backpack is fashioned from canvas, leather and alloy, and there are plenty of compartments to pack all your supplies in — and they’re easily removable.

elliot modular planter, andrew erdie, greenhouse island, greenhouse kitchen, living furniture

Greenhouse Island by Peter Buley

Short on space and hungry for some fresh greens? This kitchen island by designer and woodworker Puter Buley allows apartment dwellers to better utilize their limited space by turning a common household feature into what’s essentially a greenhouse. The design uses energy-efficient lights — two LEDs and 2 T5 CFL — and is sure to provide for some interesting lighting scenarios.

knobbie, goodjoy, hanging pins, hooks, storage hooks

Knobbies by Goodjoy

Are you and your roommates always fighting for space in your bathroom’s shower caddy? Here s a fun way to store some of those items while having a bit of fun. Just tie a string or hook to your goods and place them on one of Goodjoy‘s Knobbies. Each Knobbie features a full-strength suction cup to keep things in place.

brass bike, bronze bike, van hessch design, green transportation, luxury bicycles

Copper and Brass Bikes by Van Heesch Designs

Bike in high-class style with one of Van Heesch Designs‘ copper or brass bikes. These beautiful bicycles feature an archetypal style and their sturdy design means supports heavy riding. All the parts are brass plated, which means the bike won’t rust as the years pass.

wearable planter, portable planter, living accessories, bike planter, mini planters

Wearable Planters

Keep a plant with you everywhere you go with a Wearable Planter. Each planter has been 3D printed and laser cut to create these cute, quirky and colorful forms.

Belle Helmets,Daniella Baskin, bike helmets, bicycle helmets, hand-painted bike helmets

Belle Helmets by Danielle Baskin

As many of us here at Inhabitat can often be found riding our bikes when we aren’t tied to the computer, we totally fell in love with Danielle Baskin’s Belle Helmets. Each helmet is hand-painted with a design Danielle has created herself and is one-of-a-kind.

EVK Light, Colleen and Eric Whiteley, led light, led chandelier, wood chandelier

EVK Light by Colleen and Eric Whiteley

Aptly named Exploded View Knot Light, this gorgeous pendant lamp by Colleen and Eric Whiteley is made from a single piece of solid wood tied in a knot. The wood is embedded with bright LEDs.

paint and draw furniture, post-modern production, paper furniture, recyclable furniture, furniture you can draw on, furniture you can write on

Paper Furniture by Post Modern Production

Let your kids and friends go nuts with Crayolas, Sharpees and markers with this paper furniture set by Post Modern Production. Perfect for getting guests to channel their creative spirit, this fun design is sure to delight.

modular planters, good erdle, lego planters, planter modules, eco planters, ceramic planters, connecting planters, stackable planters

Modular Planters by Good Erdle

These modular ceramic planters from Good Erdle can be arranged in endless configurations to suit your space. The pots were inspired by Erdle’s desire for a good-looking tabletop planting system versatile enough to dress up drab spaces.

shelf planters, dominic fiorello studio, green planters, hanging planters, wall planters, wall plants, wall pots

Plant Pods by Domenic Fiorello Studio

Create a green wall in a modern and minimalistic way with Domenic Fiorello Studio‘s Plant Pods. Each shelf-like planter can hold a small succulent that doesn’t require much water.

terrarium mask, krystal persaud, plant filtration system, gas mask, eco mask, breathing mask, plant accessories, living accessories

Terrarium Mask by Krystal Persaud

Here’s another one for a post-apocalyptic world — Krystal Persaud‘s terrarium mask uses living plants to filter pollution. Simply zip open the terrarium mask and enjoy the fresh oxygen.

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