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Inside the apartment, the “living box” uses specific geometry to frame the mountain landscape through a single long window that provides light for the whole space. Placed in the center of the apartment is the “sleeping box,” which has been fitted with one double bed, and another single one that hangs above. During the colder months, the box can be sealed to reduce the need for additional heating, and keep the inhabitants warm.

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There are a few space-saving designs dotted throughout the apartment, such as a folding table that attaches to the side of the living box that can be used as a workspace, or the closets and storage space that are hidden behind the wooden panels of the wall. Additional storage is available behind a simple long curtain, which also acts a barrier between the living space and a compact kitchen against one of the apartment’s walls.

While the apartment might be too compact for some, it still offers everything a small family would need to live a relatively comfortable life. You could even consider the limited space as another reason to get out and explore the stunning natural scenery of the surrounding area instead of staying cooped up inside all day.

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