The cabin is an American icon – a place of retreat, relaxation, and respite. In the past, cabins have been of rough construction and hardly efficient, however this project by New York architect Andrea Salvini updates the iconic structure with a modern twist. Her Modern American Cabin, minimizes and stylizes the traditional cabin’s lines and architectural elements, while remaining true to its original concept and spirit.

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This private getaway, originally designed for Woodstock, NY, retains the inclined roof pitch, but maintains it in a continuous line from one side to the other. This gives the home a very grounded feel and a solid connection with the earth. Glass makes up a good portion of the side walls, connecting the interior with nature. Often older cabins are dark and closed off from their surroundings, but Salvini’s cabin lets light and nature in, without eliminating privacy. Modern interior finishes are comfortable with clean lines, but still hold true to the original cabin style. Communal living areas like the kitchen and living room are open, while rooms are more private.

With the modern cabin, energy-efficient building technology and environmentally responsible materials are paramount. Not only is it important that the building reduces its impact on the immediate surroundings, but also on the world. Thoreau would have been pleased.

+ Andrea Salvini