Cabins are meant as relaxing getaways in inspiring location, like the mountains, woods, or the shore. Architect Andrea Salvini revisits the American cabin, with this updated version of the beach house meant for Fire Island, NY. Of his trilogy of projects on Fire Island, the most interesting is his Crab House, an “anthropomorphic” house inspired by a crab. The stilts raise the vertical cabin off the ground, in order to preserve land as much as possible. The front of the house, which faces the ocean, is almost completely glass with a large open air solarium on the top floor.

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The cabin may stand out a bit from other homes on the shore, but it has a small building footprint, and like Salvini’s Modern American Cabin, it is energy efficient and built with environmentally responsible materials. Salvini’s trio of Fire Island homes focuses on updating the concept of the American cabin. Each cabin maximizes space on a limited footprint, emphasizes recreational space for socializing, and yet has a sense of privacy to encourage relaxation and a reconnection with nature.

+ Andrea Salvini