loja biodiversity center, Tomas García Píriz (CUAC.arquitectura) and Jose Luis Muñoz, natural environment architecture, natural design, bio diversity education, agricultural design, land cultivation, spanish design, andalusia design

CUAC Arquitectura‘s Bio Diversity Center is designed around a traditional patio that was once part of the original building located on the center’s site. The project took great care to maintain the site’s existing old trees, which were allowed to continue to grow. A river runs alongside the project, which sits on sloping terrain at different levels. Inside the designers included an area walled with large windows to provide natural light and views of the surrounding landscape.

The designers created a space that happily coexists with Loja’s natural environment. The center seeks to provide a novel educational program based on consciousness and protection of the region’s agricultural environment. The design truly looks like an inspiring place for anyone interested in nurturing their love of bio-diversity.


Images courtesy of CUAC Architecture