A modern design that borrows from its ancestors, the “Living on the Edge” house forges a union between tradition and simplicity. The home’s remarkable thatched roof and walls are only the beginning of the connection — Dutch architect Arjen Reas also borrowed a classic profile from old farm houses and incorporated lime finishes, which have been used in the area for generations past. The home also lives up to very modern standards of efficiency, creating a healthy interior environment.

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The home is situated on the edge of Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, so the architects designed it to transition seamlessly between the built and natural environments. The classic form was chosen for its simplicity and durability, and the home is constructed from natural materials — such as thatch for the roof and walls — which create a tremendous thermal shell. Stone walls covered in white lime plaster lift the home off the ground and highlight its traditional thatched construction

Vertical window skylights break up the walls and provide ample interior daylighting. A simple front entrance contrasts with the large sliding glass façade in the back, which opens the home up to the fields beyond. The outdoor room expands the home’s modest footprint, and a flowing, open interior keeps the space from feeling cramped.

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