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Hes for Artwo, Carlo De Meo, recycled materials, recycled furniture, bicycle seat furniture, green furniture, milan furniture fair

Dubbed “Hes for Artwo”, this cool creation is the work of artist Carlo De Meo. The seat is an assemblage of nine bicycle saddles, and when you sit on it you’re surely be inspired to go for a bike ride!

Andrés Cordob, city skyline bookshelf, corrugated cardboard bookshelf, cardboard furniture, Alpac, recyclable furniture

Designer Andrés Cordoba loves city skylines and he thought they’re dynamic shape could inspire a great shelf for storing books. The bookshelf is constructed from corrugated cardboard and is completely recyclable. The design was realized for the company Alpac.

car table, recycled car table, recycle car part furniture, Stefano Canto, Artwo, green funiture, eco furniture

A car, a roof rack, and a sheet of glass — only three materials were used create this original table! Designed by Stefano Canto for Artwo, the cool creation gives a second life to everyday elements. The Artwo company is also involved in social causes, and its artists work together with convicts in prisons, teaching them new skills.

Yonel Hidalgo, Luci Mesa, trowel lamp, gardening lamp, recycled material lamp, eco lamp

Yonel Hidalgo’s “Luci Mesa” is a lamp constructed from used trowels. Hidalgo takes tools once used for homebuilding and gives them a place inside the home by transforming them into new, everyday household object.

Silvio De Ponte, Pimar design collection, Pietra leccese pots, lecce stone pots

Designed by Silvio De Ponte for the Pimar design collection, these contemporary pots boast an eye-catching sinuous surface and have been fashioned from Pietra leccese (Lecce stone).

Tegola lamp, tile lamp, limestone lamp, Studio Klass, Pimar design collection

Only stone and steel to assembly this stylish lamp named “Tegola” (the Italian word  for “tile”). Designed by Studio Klass for the Pimar design collection, this product is realized and sold in the same place where the limestone is extracted.

Recycled corrugated cardboard furniture, cardboard furniture, Xchair, Studio Caporaso

Recycled corrugated cardboard makes up the sustainable Xchair. Designed by Studio Caporaso, this chaise is very comfortable (I tried it!) and its sides are decorated with a grassy stamp. The chair can also be personalized with other patterns.

Jacob Strobel, Rock & Roll furniture, Team 7, wood furniture, wood table

At home with the Flintstones! This work of art by Jacob Strobel is modelled after a primeval hand axe, bridging the gap between modern wood working and ancient forms. The table’s unique surface structure is composed of intricate 38-mm thick solid wood segments. This Rock & Roll model comes in walnut, and the Austrian company who produces it, Team 7, uses only pure hardwood from sustainably managed forests.

bucket stool, Pedersen & Lennard, green furniture, eco stools, milan furniture fair

This buck also works a stool when it’s flipped over! The cylindrical container was adapted by Pedersen & Lennard, and a bright yellow tone gives the old zinc bucket a new dress.

tape measure placemat, Michele Giangrande, Pranzo su misura, artwo

Woven strips of colored tape measure create the nifty skull design of Michele Giangrande’s “Pranzo su misura” (Lunch made to measure) placemat for Artwo.

kids furniture, Andrés Cordoba, carboard kids furniture, eco furniture sets

Created for little green warriors, this “Kids” set composed of table and chairs by Andrés Cordoba. Realized for Alpac company, it’s built from corrugated cardboard and assembled with low-emission glue.

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