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Minnesota, Port of Entry, warroad, julie snow architects, green building, sustainably harvested wood

The border between Canada and the US in Minnesota is an expansive, open wetland bog and the Port of Entry is conceived as a specific response to all that vastness. The long, low volume reiterates the dominant horizon of the landscape as well as the east and west border between US and Canada. Vehicular traffic and flow and the building’s layout were all carefully designed for intuitive traffic movement as well as safety and security for the border crossing officers.

Sustainably harvested cedar wood is used to clad the entire building and stained to a warm red-brown or black. Energy efficiency was at the heart of the building’s design and integrates the latest technologies to achieve a low energy demand while maximizing security. A geothermal heating and cooling system along with daylighting reduces energy use, while rainwater is collected from the roof for use in the building. Completed in February of 2010, the Warroad Land Port of Entry is awaiting its LEED Silver certification.

Via ArchDaily

Images ©Paul Crosby