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Limmared, Sweden-based prefab builder Kenjo offers up small prefab cabins designed for those needing more space than can be used as a guest house, relaxation space, office, studio or even a floating house. One of the firm’s more recent projects was a floating cabin for the Sandell family in Muskö. The project consists of a modern, one-room cabin with a simple interior and flexible furnishings. Located on a floating platform with access to the water, the cabin serves as extra living space right on the water. The roof features a solar photovoltaic system to provide energy for the cabin and make it off-grid for the LED lighting and the stereo system.

Kenjo has a unique modular system with several different sizes that can be installed on a variety of foundation types. The company also offers customized solutions based on their customers’ wishes. Manufactured in Sweden, the cabins are built entirely from Swedish Spruce, a local and renewable resource. The walls are delivered pre-nailed and the rest of the timber is pre-cut and then assembled once on-site. The energy-efficient windows help minimize heat loss and provide lots of natural daylight and can fold up accordion style to open the cabin to the environment.

The Kenjo Floating Cabin was built as part of the Swedish show Roomservice on Kanal 5. Kanal 5 contacted Kenjo to design and build the cabin and you can watch episode about the making of the cabin in its entirety, although the show isn’t subtitled, so if you don’t understand Swedish, it may not be as interesting. But the scenery is lovely as are the Sandell brothers and you can see more of the floating cabin.

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