Designed for the morning person and the night, Philip Bogaerts‘ modern lamps are a simple lighting duo that manages to connect its users to the natural rhythms of the sun and the moon. Aptly dubbed the ‘Day & Night Lamps’, this simple lighting fixture recently made its debut at the This Way Exhibition during the Milan Furniture Fair, just last week.

So how does each lamp work? An embedded timer within the Night Lamp controls the spread of a soft blue light, which creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The timer is in fact synched with the actual lunar calendar where the LED lights shine their brightest during full moon. Alternatively, the Day Lamp, which uses a similar timer, gives off more light as it gets darker outside and will dim when the sun is fully shinning.

Powered by low energy LED bulbs, both lamps are made of acrylic and recyclable aluminum, with a powder-coated paint — black for the Night, and white for for the Day Lamp.

+ Philip Bogaerts

Images © Philip Bogaerts