As you may have noticed, we’ve stumbled into a theme here. This is another European home company focusing on bringing modern habitation to the water. Based in Sweden, Modern Marine Homes completed their N’ckros Villa in 2003 and have been utilizing it as an inhabited show home to evaluate materials, technical solutions and functionality. The University of Kalmar has also been using the home for testing as part of an energy research project.

The marine villa has six rooms; the bedroom and bath are on the lower floor, with an open plan above, including kitchen, office, dining and living rooms, and a 100m-sq rooftop garden. The home is on a concrete foundation, with glass and aluminum as the primary exterior materials. Information on the website (at least in English) is rather vague. There is a suggestion of environmental-friendliness, though details are sparse. It’s also unclear whether the homes are available for purchase at this time, though it appears that customer sales are in progress, and web updates are pending.

Regardless, it’s apparent from the photos that this is a gorgeous home, with light and space to match the expansive surroundings it’s designed for.