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Humbly, the residence does not seek out a green building certification, even though it could probably get one. Bates Masi, who has a knack for renovations and wooden exteriors, designed the home for his sister, Victoria Masi Pryor and her husband Gregory. They wanted the home to basically be like one giant screened in porch, hence the multitude of floor to ceiling glass doors. So when the weather is nice, the doors are open and tucked away and a breeze finds its way through the house. When conditions aren’t warm or cool enough, the doors are closed and the geothermal heating and cooling system kicks in.

Daylight abounds throughout the house and bronze mesh is used extensively to provide shading. The exterior is clad in cedar and prefab concrete panels, while the interior walnut floors are finished with non-toxic vegetable oil. To protect the site during construction, much of the home was prefabricated in sections and then assembled on site. The exterior landscaping was finished with grasses, wildflowers and local rock.

+ Bates Masi Architects

Via greenbuildingsNYC and New York Magazine