As a kid, one of the greatest parts about building a LEGO house was that you could transform it over and over. As the characters in your make-believe world changed, the size and shape of your home could endlessly accommodate them. When you grew up, this kind of spontaneous renovation seemed limited to your imagination. But a new company in Norway is proving that even grown-ups can have a limitlessly flexible home.

Lovetann makes homes that stretch the conventions of modular design. The framework of each module is identical, framed in Hydro aluminum. The frame is then fitted with wall panels that can be customized according to the homeowner, with built-in features such as wireless networking, fireplaces, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Each home comes fully equipped with home entertainment systems and electrical appliances by Siemens.

Lovetann incorporates environmentally-friendly design by building on a low-impact foundation and offering solar panels and green roof options. They also include services like organic food deliveries and garden consultations, and are slated to grow their service offerings next year.

The first line of Lovetann homes has been designed in partnership with the internationally renowned Norwegian architecture firm, Snohetta, who are currently designing the Cultural Center for the new World Trade Center building in New York. In the future, the standardized modular structure and choice of interiors will be available in customized variations by a number of architects and designers from around the world.

Lovetann?s design has a Bucky Fuller-style futurism, that takes advantage of advanced technology as a means of facilitating simplicity and sustainability. The home is so functional as to nearly behave like an appliance, responding and adapting to the evolving needs of its inhabitants. If you thought you?d hit your peak in the LEGO era, rouse your imagination and check out Lovetann.