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The Modolo prefab is clad in large recycled fiberglass panels, which lived former lives as construction scaffolding and framework on other building projects. More panels can easily be added or taken away should the home need to be extended to accommodate a larger family.

Because the prefab’s site in Northern Mexico is extremely hot, it was important for the architects to ensure cool temperatures inside of the dwelling. The ventilated roof encourages passive cooling, allowing fresh air to breeze through a space between the walls and roofing which can be opened and closed with louvers. The roof was designed to deflect solar gain, keeping the interior cooler. The sliding door and side window can also be opened to encourage cross ventilation.

The home is also set on a base made from recycled tires and concrete that elevates it off the ground and encourages airflow. A simple wooden plank is used as an extra step to the entryway, should the sliding door entrance be too steep. Other natural materials such as bamboo are used as decorative and functional accents throughout the home.

Stación-ARquitectura Arquitectos hopes that these simple, low-cost recycled homes help break the cycle of the poor of Mexico by providing them with a home to call their own.

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