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A timber box rests atop the ground floor, giving the home a cool angular shape. The living room opens out onto the backyard, which is separated by a large glass sliding door and a step which doubles as a timber-clad seat for the family to use. As the space has a lot of solar access in summer months, the studio created an area that can be protected from the sun using curtains, which also help contain heat in the winter.

The backyard turns into a small courtyard towards the east of the site, and a raised deck helps to delineate two different zones. The courtyard is largely sheltered from the summer sun by a wall to the north and the upper floors. The house’s dynamic indoor spaces face a large peppercorn tree on the street, which helps to shelter the house behind its foliage.

+ M.O.D.O

Via Archdaily

Images courtesy of M.O.D.O and Ricky Fung