Good product design incorporates function and aesthetics. Great product design bundles in adaptability and natural materials. Köllen Loop is a coat rack that does all of the above. 

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A man is touching a wooden modular coat rack

Designed by a young professional designer from Barcelona, Paula Terra’s idea is a fresh perspective on a long-standing classic. Köllen Loop is versatile enough to be used as a freestanding coat rack or a wall-mounted unit. The adaptability of the design is purposely intended to serve a variety of purposes. It’s what makes the product useful for an assortment of different applications in commercial or residential settings.

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The Köllen Loop accommodates the needs of different environments with the ability to be continuously modified throughout its lifespan for a space. In a small, shared space, it can be mounted to the wall for keys or hats. In a larger space, it can sit in the entryway, ready to accept scarves, coats and bags. 

Two hands on a coat rack

Furthermore, Köllen Loop is made from cylindrical wood sections in a modular design. It’s easy to add as many segments with additional hooks as are required for the job. The adjustable height makes it easy to place and replace as needed. The hooks can be rotated 360 degrees for additional versatility. 

The base of the Köllen Loop coat rack

Both simple and practical, it’s also loaded with Scandinavian minimalist design elements that offer practical solutions for organization and storage in any space. Köllen Design created Köllen Loop with an intentional attention to durability and functionality that extends the lifecycle and minimizes post-consumer waste

The top of a wooden coat rack

“The product emerges from an interest in the observation and the way we understand furniture nowadays and the stiffness it presents,” explained the company in a press release. “We have considered its functionality and aesthetics, joining both concepts in order to achieve a hybrid between form and the function it must accomplish.”

A woman holding a wooden pole coat rack in her hands

Above all, the design rejects the idea of rigidity in furniture and interior design. Instead, it opts for an interaction between the product and the user to allow for personalization. Köllen Loop will be launched in a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where it will offer a deep discount on the Köllen Loop for backers.

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