The new Eco-Mobius Phone is an upgradable modular phone that helps address the growing problem of electronic waste. Designed by ZTE Corporation, the Mobius phone is made up of a series of individual modules. The phone can be upgraded by swapping in new modules, which keeps waste to a minimum while allowing consumers to customize their current phone rather than buying a new phone each year.

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In a world where a new and improved smart phone comes out every few months, consumers’ lust for top notch technology equates to a growing pile of old smart phones filling up our landfills. In order to mitigate this waste, the ZTE Corporation designed the Eco-Mobius Phone as a way to satisfy these needs for incessant upgrades without adding to the mass of cast aside electronic junk.

Made up of four independent modules, the Eco-Mobius is easily assembled – so even the most mechanically challenged person can put them together. The phone’s display, core, battery and camera are each located on their own pieces that slide along tracks to fit together and stay in place with magnets. The screen and lens are grouped together, while the CPU, GPU, RAM, and ROM remain together on the core module.

Each piece is totally replaceable, meaning that the phone can be updated piecemeal as newer versions of each module are released for sale. Aside from saving waste, the innovative design also nabbed the red dot award for design concept!

+ ZTE Corporation

Via Yanko Design