Casa SIP, Alejandro Soffia, Gabriel Rudolphy, modular house, sip, green house, chile

Casa SIP is a 139 sq meter home in Santo Domingo, Valparaiso, Chile, designed and built by Alejandro Soffia and Gabriel Rudolphy. The home is primarily built from SIPs that were formed into 6 sq meter modules and assembled to create the final form of the house. The project used two panels sizes: panel walls (122x244x11) and slab panels (122x488x21) and in total 71 wall panels and 40 slab panels were used. Once assembled the panels and the exterior were covered in a rain screen of wood slats.

The home is oriented to the north and south and the modules were multiplied along this axis. On the west facade, the home is more open and enjoys views of the ocean, while the east side is more covered for privacy. The roof of the ground floor becomes a spacious deck to see the ocean. In total, the home took only 10 days to build and produced practically zero waste and debris from construction due to the prefabricated and modular design.

+ Alejandro Soffia

+ Gabriel Rudolphy

Via Plataforma Arquitectura

Images ©Felipe Fontecilla