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The owners of the Altbau will invest to refurbish the rooftop and possibly replace old electrical appliances, fix windows and the façade and renew the heating system. The modular addition can be transported in its entirety and simply be put on top of the base house in one piece. Underneath several solar panels that can be adjusted to the direction of sunlight are the kitchen, dining space, living area and bathroom. By using bamboo for the surface of the kitchen as well as the module, the kitchen melts into the central unit of the house.

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The Core integrates all technical appliances, the kitchen and the bathroom while serving as a space defining anchor point – providing great adaptability by allowing the owner to design the free floating space around it. It is designed as an integral closed part which comes in super handy not only regarding maintenance and reduction of energy losses on the system circuit, but also in terms of transportation and construction.

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