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Building on a concept first introduced by the late Danish engineer Ture Wester, the designers have created a minimalist modular system that is lightweight and self-supporting, expansive, and yet completely rigid. The cladding and structure are one in the same, which completely reduces the amount of materials required, and although the design and production require digital technology, the actual construction of this futuristic curved building can be completed using nothing more than a few hand tools.

The pure plate structure is made from 4mm laser cut aluminum panels bent at the edges and bolted together. Like the sea urchin’s shell, it is thin but very strong. The Bristol greenhouse isn’t insulated, but Romme and N55 are working on a new prototype that will be so that their SPACEPLATE concept will be applicable for housing as well. And by the end of summer this year, another SPACESPLATE greenhouse will be built at Prags Have, Copenhagen – with each new model improving upon the design of its predecessor.

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