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The One Man Sauna project was designed as part of the art festival Das Detroit-Projekt in Bochum, a year-long international project that aims to connect four European Opel cities: Bochum(Germany), Zaragoza (Spain), Ellesmere Port (England), and Gliwice (Poland). It seeks to help the four cities reinvent themselves in potential scenarios similar to that which took place in Detroit, when the closing of the city’s automotive and steel industry had devastating consequences on its economy.

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This specific project is the result of the studio’s Borderlands research, which investigates concepts of borders and transit spaces. The structure was designed for one person and houses a one-man sauna on the middle level. Below it is a small plunge poor, while a relaxation room on top offers a view of the sky and the surrounding landscape. All three floors are connected via vertical ladders.

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