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Mogo founder Matjaz Korosec set out to develop a lightweight trailer for hauling outdoor gear, like bikes and kayaks, that could also double as a simple shelter when his destination was reached. He and his start up partners spent last year developing the 772-lb Mogo Freedom, a small trailer that transforms into a simple but cozy shelter where two travelers can snuggle up at night.

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Rather than a home on the road, the Mogo is essentially empty. The trailer has a mattress, but during transport it is stored near the ceiling and out of the way from muddy bikes, surfboards or other gear. The floor of the trailer holds additional storage compartments for more gear and tools.

Once the campsite is reached, setting up is easy. Just remove your gear, pull down the mattress, and open the winged side doors to create a covered place to sit near the campfire. During the day, the wings can be opened to be used as a sun shade, or to guard from rain. A larger enclosed area, like an outdoor kitchen, sitting room or even a place to sleep, can easily be made by zipping a canvas panel to the open wing door, protecting even more camp space from the elements.

Simple and efficient, the Mogo is a versatile trailer for both the avid camper and for hauling adventure toys for outdoor fun.

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