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As modular furniture goes, the Link line isn’t exactly chic or stylish. However, it doesn’t lack in form or function. In fact, the function of this modular, 3D-printed furniture is essentially its form. When reconfigured into any number of different shapes, the pieces can be made to resemble molecular structures.

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The components of the system are actually quite simple. The entire collection is made out of three ash wood struts of three different lengths and a variety of surfaces, and are connected by a series of selective laser sintered ball joints of anodized aluminum.

His intent was to reduce the “throwaway mentality” by designing furniture that can be reimagined in new ways. Sjöström says his designs are meant to “decrease material abundance through rebuilding, creating new purposes and shape expressions.” By giving people the tools to be more creative with their furnishings, he hopes to inspire creativity in other parts of their lives as well.

Via Treehugger

Images via Christian Sjöström