The hit product at ICFF this year appeared to be Molo’s softwall. This giant flexible wall made out of crenellated paper was on display everywhere. It was prominent not only in Molo’s booth, but surrounding quite a few other companies’ stands as well. The softwall’s appeal is evident ? it is totally flexible in shape and size, and can be transported and set-up anywhere to alter the space of a room at whim. It is translucent, fire retardant, modular (multiple walls can be snapped together), and the delicate honeycomb pattern evokes origami and Japanese paper-craft. Who can argue with the softwall? The two architects behind Molo, Stephanie Forsythe & Todd MacAllen, have a whole line of soft products: softlight, softroom, and even softhousing.

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The softhouse project is currently a not-for-profit project, seeking an innovative solution to homelessness. The first installation of the softhouse is planned for a former lodging house on the Bowery in New York City.