Molo Designs’ flexible honeycomb paper furniture has been a long time favorite of Inhabitat, starting back when we first discovered them in 2005 at ICFF, all the way to the Inhabitat Editors Choice Award they won at last year’s design week. And now they’re adding another item to their stellar resume- they’re one of the participants in the upcoming HauteGreen exhibition and our next sneak peak!

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Brilliant design ideas always spawn a host of imitators and Molo is no exception. The Vancouver-based designers may have been the origin of expandable paper furniture, but in the last year we have seen the rise of the Expandable Folding Chair, Newspaper Extendable Bench, Cardboard Furniture, and a variety of flatpak honeycomb lights.

Molo’s “Soft” expandable paper furniture is made from craft paper, and uses a flexible-yet-strong honeycomb structure to provide support. Molo’s Paper Softseating comes in the form of stools, benches, and loungers, in natural brown kraft paper and deep black (dyed with bamboo charcoal ink).

Currently on the market there are two types of Softseating: fanning stools (in eight different sizes) and fanning loungers as big as 80″ in diameter. The paper Softseating is held together by magnets that allow you to connect Softseating to one another. The various configurations of extending, stacking, and joining pieces yields endless possibilities only limited to the users imagination. If you find yourself at the end of the day wanting more floor space, each Softseating piece collapses down to the size of an oversized coffeetable book for easy storage until your next soirée.

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