Design company Molo is taking active measures to design a portable, useful and private solution for emergency housing. Designed in light of the housing disaster that followed the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, Molo’s Softshelter solution would not only provide families with private units, but also personal effects that evoke the comforts of home under extraordinary circumstances. The Softshelter can also be flat packed, shipped and constructed within minutes.

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Each Softshelter unit can be customized to fit family size. The lightweight walls are 100% recyclable, and are assembled more easily than IKEA furniture (and without the need for tools). The ends of the soft plastic walls fit together with magnetic strips (these are not recyclable), and can be linked end-to-end to create larger rooms, corridors or community spaces. The easy construction can be done with little instruction, and by anyone. A handle-like accessory turns any of the soft walls into a door.

To help humanize disaster victims’ spaces, Molo created a set of personal effects that help make a temporary shelter more homey. Magnetic clips enable pictures to be hung, hanging vases bring foliage to the room, moveable hooks can hang towels and clothing, large pockets enable personal items to be displayed and a hanging LED light provides lighting when none other is available, and a hook up for a 12V power system can also be added when power is available.

To ensure the utmost comfort for users of the Softshelters, and to improve upon any inconveniences, the Molo team will be residing in their very own Softshelters, within the Molo workshop space. This true commitment to their craft shows their care and dedication to creating the best conditions poster in the face of a disaster situation.

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