Standby power is the bane of all electricity consumption. Essentially if there is a light coming out of a device, it is consuming power. It is such an important problem that the British Government is considering banning standby power altogether. As part of their green initiatives, Fujitsu Siemens has come up with a new type of monitor that uses zero standby power. Is this the solution?

The technology, which can be applied to any type of monitor, whether it is a television, or a computer screen, works by storing electricity into additional capacitors within the device. When the device is turned off, the capacitors maintain a charge of power that will allow the monitor to be brought back to life immediately, as long as it happens within five days. This technology is expected to go into production into new monitors next spring.

Having said that, and while we applaud the measure, wouldn’t it just be easier for everyone to turn their power off when they stop using them?

+ Monitor draws zero power on standby @ PCW