Technology has brought bike accessories way past the classic bell-and-handlebar-streamer setup. Monkey Light Pro enables you download and display your own LED animations. The kit consists of four pieces for each wheel that can be bolted to the spokes. The waterproof, full-color display is already loaded with artwork and is able to be customized with personal playlists via Bluetooth. Good for eight hours of run time, the built-in lithium-ion battery is able to be recharged via USB cable. The lights are stabilized for speeds ranging from 10-40mph and are double-sided so that everyone has the chance to see you ride in style.

The sets will fit onto most common adult bike wheel sizes with 32 and 36 spokes. A 2-axis accelerometer and 4 magnetic sensors are used to track speed, keeping the pictures moving at different velocities, while braking, and riding backwards. There are no visible or hanging wires, and its redundant connectivity allows it to be vibration-proof. The body is molded out of rubber and 80A clear urethane.

Monkey Light Pro is designed and manufactured by MonkeyLectric, a small company based in California. All of their products are lead-free and RoHS compliant. Prototypes of their displays have been featured at such events as Maker Faire, SigGraph, Interbike, and SXSW. The developers hope to create a smartphone control interface for the next generation of the lights. Tech-savvy riders have already created some pretty impressive animations with the open source API technology, including the Fukushima Wheel Project which collects and shows environmental data as the rider moves, an educational short by the University of Brisbane, and mobile advertising by Old Bond and Cycloscreen.

The Monkey Light Pro setup illuminating both wheels will set you back about $500 for each wheel. They are currently available through a Kickstarter campaign.

+ MonkeyLectric

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