Oh, the wonderful world of LEGOS – we’ve seen that they can build you just about anything including a city! Well, a team of LEGO enthusiasts just put the finishing touches on their Monster Chess set. It is made entirely of LEGOS and has robotic pieces that move on their own. The set took four people a year to finish, uses a whopping 100,000 LEGOS and spans 156 square feet. It is actually quite impressive in action, watch a video of a head to head after the jump.

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The team was led by LEGO master Steve Hassenplug and was officially sponsored by LEGO. Hassenplug and his team used the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT technology to control their robots. It is a sophisticated system that allows one to build LEGO robots. These chess robots can be controlled by two humans playing against each other, two computers playing against each other, a computer playing a human or they can even reenact famous chess matches!

If you’re just dying to see this guy in action, it will be on display at Brickworld in Chicago this week. We’ve done a little reconnaissance and we’re not sure if these LEGOS are reused or recycled but we do know that the LEGO manufacturing process tends to stay as green as possible. They try to keep their production green by saving energy and reusing all but 1% of plastic leftover in the manufacturing process. LEGO doesn’t use recycled plastic in their blocks, but you could sign this petition to join the group of people urging them to move to a more eco-friendly option! For now let’s hope that if this chess set gets demolished they will donate its parts to one of their many charity programs.

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