Design company Monstrans’ newest chair is made from a single sheet of renewable bamboo plywood, putting a clever spin on the classic folding chair. The Folding Chair, which was on display at ICFF this week, solves is portable and it saves space, folding up into a single piece with a handle. Aside from being efficient and useful, the chair also yields minimal construction waste and material use.

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The bamboo plywood sheet is cut into three basic parts; a front leg/backrest, a foldable back leg, and the seat rest. Each component has its own hinge, allowing the pieces to open for sitting.  The seat stays locked and open thanks to gravity. The seat and back bar are lined with a thick felted pad, providing a comfortable seat without being bulky.

When not in use, Monstrans’ chair easily folds into a single sheet that can be stacked under a bed, hung on a wall or easily placed in a closet or behind furniture. The easy storage is perfect for small apartments or city living, providing a few quick places for unexpected guests to sit. When closed, the chair remains locked by eight rare earth magnets that keep the three parts secure.

The comfy seat is also good for travel — with the two side handles, the chairs are easy to carry along to a party or barbecue,  on the subway, or even on foot. Monstrans’ Folding Chair is an innovative seat for the design-savvy city dweller.

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