Quite similar to the Philips LED Candle, but just a touch classier, Mood Light’s Light Objects are rechargeable LED lamps for the home. Instead of trying to emulate a flame with an orange glow and a flicker, this glass-encased Mood Light is happy just to be a futuristic-looking LED lamp. The design takes advantage of LED technology, and can programmed to shine in an infinite variety of colors, or cycle through a program of different colors if you’re feeling fickle. This “mesmerizing fusion of infinite colors” (I quote from the website) better be impressive, because the Mood Light is four times as expensive as our flickering candle-wanna-be friend, the Aurelle. One thing going for the Mood Light is that you get a wide choice of glass designs, in different colors and shapes. The LED Egg, shown above, is my favorite.

111$ from Y Lighting

Via Treehugger