Moooi showcased a stunning collection of chandeliers that look like bursting fireworks at this year’s ICFF. The low-energy Raimond lamp is loaded with LEDs, and its spherical form calls to mind constellations and fluffy dandelions. Each orb-shaped lamp is made from a thin metal framework that carries low voltage current to the bulbs, eliminating the need for wires.

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Whether hanging alone or in a cluster, Moooi’s Raimond lamp creates the impression of gazing into a starry night. Decked with dozens of teeny tiny LED lights, the orb gives off a soft ambient glow. Each light shines like a tiny star, but together they give off enough light to bring warmth to a room. The lamp’s metal structure carries a low-voltage current that is safe to touch, eliminating the need to connect the bulbs with wires and creating a smooth, flawless aesthetic.

The lamps come in different sizes, and they look great alone or clustered into impromptu sculptural installations. When turned off, the silver orbs evoke the space age style of the 1960s and Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes.

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