When we ran a post on Brave Space’s Tetris shelves last year – we were inundated with traffic from Tetris lovers around the world. Many of you loved the shelves, others wrote in to complain about prices, and a surprising number of you posted instructions for making your own for under $50. Crafty…

However you feel about the first generation of Tetris Shelves, we’re sure you’ll be excited to hear that Brave Space has come out with a brand new version of the popular handcrafted shelves – and they are cheaper and more Tetrisy than the originals. The price has come down significantly, at $120 per block, and the Tetris-factor has gone way up.

Tetris Shelves – $120 a block contact Bravespace for information on purchasing

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This is the perfect furniture solution for the geeky Tetris fans out there. The new ones look a lot more like the real thing, with multi-colored backs to match the game. The backing also keeps your stuff more secure, functioning more like real shelves as opposed to the display-case style of the originals. You can even choose your own custom colors for the blocks!

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