More than 30 people may have died after an offshore oil rig in the Caspian Sea caught on fire. An operation is currently underway to rescue surviving workers, but a severe storm, which contributed to the fire, is hampering efforts. Azerbaijan’s state energy company Socar released a statement saying that 29 workers have been rescued, but denies that any workers have died.

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A severe storm blew through Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea, causing the oil rig to catch on fire after being damaged by heavy winds. The same storm also caused another 3 workers on a separate oil rig to go missing. While Socar says that no workers have died, media reports claim that at least 60 people were on the rig at the time of the fire, meaning that many remain unaccounted for.

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Azerbaijan is important in the foreign oil game because it supplies the West with oil through Turkey, allowing the US and others to bypass Russia. There have been no reports as to whether any oil has leaked into the sea.

via the BBC

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