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In NYC, the powerful storm caused a 13-foot surge of seawater, flooding streets in lower Manhattan and shutting down parts of the electrical system. New Jersey was also hit hard by the storm, and some 2.4 million people in that state are still without power this morning. On AM talk shows, Gov. Christie made no effort to sugar coat the damage, describing the cost to New Jersey as “incalculable,” and saying that New Jersey Shore had been “devastated” by the storm.

On Monday evening, reports surfaced that the Gowanus Canal — one of the most polluted waterways in the entire country — was overflowing into Brooklyn’s the Carroll Gardens neighborhood and the surrounding streets. The canal contains a wide range of harmful toxins, including heavy metals, PCBs and coal tar waste.

The storm also caused two nuclear power plants to partially shut down. Late Monday night, the Indian Point nuclear power plant, which is located about 45 miles north of New York City, was partially shut down due to external electrical grid issues. And this morning the Salem plant in Hancocks Bridge, NJ was shut down when four of its six circulating water pumps became unavailable.

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Lead image via MTA Photos