Dwindling bee populations and colony collapse have been hot topics lately, and Markus Imhoof is giving us a closer look at these issues in his poignant new film, More Than Honey. Currently showing at New York’s Film Forum, More Than Honey delves into the lives of bees around the world – from California to Europe, Asia and Australia.  Imhoof uses exquisite macro-photography to show bees buzzing, pollinating, and breeding in extreme detail.

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Imhoof’s documentary uncovers the life of the tiny drones that pollinate the world’s flowers, one blossom at a time. After investigating hives around the world, the film concludes that the decline of the bee population is not due to one specific cause, but brought about by a combination of forces such as pesticides, global warming and mite infestations. Imhoof’s crew traveled to China, filming workers hand pollinating crops because of their lack of bees, and then into a lab to witness a bee brain scan.

The film takes viewers to the ends of the earth, outlining the extreme importance of bees to our agriculture systems, and the severity of what may happen if they truly die out.  With 50% – 90% of bee populations disappearing in some regions, More Than Honey comes at a crucial time. It encourages the general public to understand the issue, and to act proactively to help save their local bee populations.

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