If you prefer to keep your phone on silent but end up with a bunch of missed calls and unread messages, you will love this bendable smartphone! Designed by researchers at Queen’s University Human Media Lab in Canada, the MorePhone is a paper-thin smartphone that flexes when it receives a text or call. It is based on thin-film, flexible display technologies and organic user interfaces that allow computers to take any shape or form.

MorePhone features a thin, flexible display and a number of shape memory alloy wires sandwiched beneath it. These allow the phone to curl up completely or bend up to three individual corners, giving users a visual cue of an incoming phone call, text message or email. The top right corner bends when receiving a text message, while the bottom one signals an incoming email. These can also alternate between bending up or down depending on the message’s urgency.

One of the creators of the MorePhones, Dr Vertegaal, thinks the device could reach consumers within five or 10 years. The team unveiled the prototype at the ACM SIGCHI 2013 Conference on human-computer interaction on Monday.

+ Human Media Lab

Via Mashable