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In an interview with Kinetic Architecture, architects Barbara van Biervliet and Xaveer Claerhout explained that fixed or static design can no longer compete in a world where communication and transportation are developing at breakneck pace. They do believe in the ‘form follows function’ approach, so the dynamic outer skin for their building is more than just a fancy trick. It also works as an energy-regulator that breathes (you could call it) in and out depending on the available sunlight.

Asked how the panels move and at what speed, Claerhout says that each application requires a different solution, but that movement is a lever to metamorphism (what they dub their design philosophy) rather than the end goal. They do, however, specify that having flexible materials that can be “rigidified” is an important aspect, as that allows the structure to respond to its environment. Although they’re still developing the technology and therefore don’t have many concrete specs yet, the movie above shows how this extraordinary building “comes to life.”

+ Kinetura