If you’re good at repairs and don’t have a problem with heights and noise, the Wind Turbine Loft could be your dream house. Nestled into an offshore wind turbine, Morphocode’s futuristic-looking loft is designed to provide accommodations for technicians doing the lonely job of servicing turbines. If you don’t mind the fact that your daily excursion to the nearest coffee shop might involve a helicopter or boat ride, the Wind Turbine Loft could be the perfect home office.

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Morphocode’s proposal is a residential unit installed within the volume of the wind turbine nacelle that houses monitoring and diagnostics equipment necessary to keep the turbine’s life span as long as possible.

The project is based on the idea of domesticating a space originally designed for industrial use. The housing concept follows the traditional ideology of the loft movement — recycling abandoned commercial spaces and turning them into living units. Living within a giant wind turbine reinvents the concept, turning a simple loft space into the only static point within a landscape in perpetual motion; the blades establish a rhythm, the sight of which could appeal to the most nervous or the most calm among us.

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