Static websites become a presentation tool of the past with this cool iPad app called Morpholio. Morpholio was developed by a team at Columbia University as a free portfolio software tool that design professionals can use as “a new platform for presentation, critique, and collaboration”. Like any innovative tech product on the market these days, Morpholio multi-tasks, not only as a beautiful presentation tool, but one that also harnesses the power of social media and crowd-sourcing to provide both real-time utility and community for its users.

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Morpholio takes an intuitive approach to portfolio packaging by seamlessly integrating the processes of presentation, collaboration and critique into an easy to use app. Here you can build a customizable collection of images to form your portfolio, and changing out pictures is a simple as a finger swoosh or click.

A “Pinup” function allows your collections to be posted for online viewing, and you can even make your work searchable by all Morpholio users or invite specific people to view your collections. If you’re part of a studio or team of designers, the “Co-creators” feature will come in especially handy, allowing you to share access and collaborate on image collections. And if you’re looking for more serious feedback, a “Crit” feature lets collaborators and people in the community comment and critique your images using overlaying text. Morpholio also lets you track how popular your portfolios are, and you can monitor which of your images are most frequently visited, most zoomed, and viewed the longest.

Currently the project is still in Beta, but you can download the free app here! More functions and graphic capabilities will be added soon!

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