Many digitally savvy architects can attest to the incredible usefulness of Morpholio’s award-winning Trace AR sketch app – and it just got even better. Today the team just launched their new “Smart Fill” augmented reality feature, which can instantly calculate any area of your choosing during a live sketch. Homeowners, architects, designers and design enthusiasts of all kinds will find use for the feature – and it’s beautiful to boot.

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Available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Morpholio Trace is designed primarily with architects in mind, but its versatility makes it a useful feature for designers of all types. With the addition of Smart Fill, designers can focus more on conceptualizing and expressing an idea instead of crunching numbers. “The new feature is a fill tool that not only calculates the area of the fill, it actually changes as the sketch evolves,” says Anna Kenoff, Morpholio Co-Founder. “Slice a room in half and watch it reduce or, erase a wall and watch it expand.”

floor plan Morpholio TracePro

materials estimate Morpholio TracePro

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Here’s how it works: after starting a sketch—whether from scratch or a trace drawing over an image—you set the scale and then select the target(s) for area calculation. The Smart Fill feature will instantly generate the calculation based on the scale provided, as well as an “Areas Chart,” which can be exported to Excel and its equivalents. The tool can also fill the selected region with your choice of colors and patterns, making it a quick and beautiful way to estimate the materials or budget needed for a project. You can download Morpholio Trace and TracePro, available for iOS only, in the App Store.

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