ModFruGal isn’t a writer, photographer, or designer, but she is a “gal with a vision who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.” The mother of two built her own modernist treehouse deep in the Tennessee woods. Put together for just $1500, the treehouse features a sliding door to maximize space, a chalkboard wall for the kids to draw on, and a choice of hammocks in which to relax. Regardless of age, it’s the perfect place for anyone to escape it all and reconnect with nature.

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The Tennessee-based blogger’s treehouse is built on an 8 x 12 platform, while the house itself is 8 x 8 feet. It’s a design consideration that also allowed ModFruGal and her husband (the “Crafty Counterpart, or CC) to use big box lumber lengths and reduce construction waste. Natural light enters the tiny abode through a skylight, while windows equipped with a sliding acrylic cover keep pollen out during springtime and retain warmth in the winter.

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Inside the treehouse, there is a “daybed,” which comprises two twin air mattresses stacked on top of each other. This layout makes it really easy for ModFruGal’s kids, lovingly nicknamed Thing One and Thing Two on her blog, to stay the night; they just have to move the coffee table over and lay out the mattresses on the floor. Thanks to an extremely thorough job from the CC, every single joint and opening has been caulked, which keeps out any unwanted insects.

For more images of the treehouse being built, along with plenty of other great information about DIY projects and achieving a more sustainable lifestyle, check out the project on ModFruGal’s blog.

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Images by ModFruGal