It’s hard to imagine a time when driving cross-country was a challenge, a time when gas stations were infrequent and roads were unreliably paved. But that’s exactly what inspired the people at Moto Electra Racing to attempt to ride their electric motorcycle across the country in a record-breaking three days. With 2,500 miles to cover, that’s an average speed of 70 mph with 20 stops for charging and catnaps — a challenge for any rider.

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Inspired by the Ken Burns film Horatio’s Drive about the first cross-country road trip in 1903, Moto Electra wanted to create their own cross-continental challenge by gunning for the current electric vehicle record. According to Brian Richardson, manager of Moto Electra, “At the turn of the 20th century, gasoline powered vehicles were useless for long distance travel. There were no roads, no filling stations, and the vehicles were not dependable. Our goal is to challenge perceptions about the useful range of electric vehicles, and set a world record in the process.”

The trip will start on June 3rd in Florida and move along I-10, ending in Santa Monica, California just three days later. The rider, Thad Wolff, is an experienced rider as a former AMA racer. He will be joined by a team of students from James Madison University, who will travel along with the bike to act as a sort of electric grid. The team will carry a portable generator, which will be used to charge the bike for an hour after every two hours of riding.

You can follow along on the trip by checking the team’s Facebook page, which will be updated as the bike progresses along the route.

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