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Ruiter has shaken up conventional transportation in the past – he’s also know for his his “super minimal city bike”, which reduces material use to the bare minimum. For Moto Undone, Ruiter completely covered a motorcycle’s eye-catching features and exposed mechanics with an aluminum casing. The vehicle is stripped of all ornamentation and it’s not even painted, leaving raw material as the main focal point.

By “ignoring what makes motorcycles interesting,” Ruiter designed the opposite of the flashy paint and weaving pipes of typical motorcycles. At a glance, the rider is the only thing fellow drivers can see, as the reflective aluminum makes the bike nearly invisible while passing along the landscape.

The aluminum also covers a 1000 watt 48v electric motor that can run for 90 miles, or about 3 hours. The (questionable safe) bike doesn’t have any information dials, so all the information including speed and GPS tracking can be displayed on a smartphone with various apps.

Joey Ruiter will display Moto Undone and other designs at the Grand Rapids Art Museum in Michigan from September 21st to October 8th.

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