We’ve seen designers recycle airplane parts to create desks, tropical eco-hotels and a hostel, and now we can add couches and beds to the lofty collection! MotoArt is a team of designers who transform airplane parts into sleek, highly polished modern pieces of furniture. Based in Los Angeles, the 6 person design crew creates an impressive line-up of upcycled furnishings, sure to please every airplane enthusiast’s flight of fancy.

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MotoArt was started by Donavon Fell IIIwhen he began creating sculptures from B-17 propellers he happened upon in the back of a scrap metal truck. After putting in a lot of elbow grease cleaning, sanding, and polishing the parts, Fell happened upon a great idea to create sculptures and furnishings from parts of aviation history. Now Fell and his team create a wide range of furniture and decor including desks, tables, credenzas, beds, picture frames, couches and chairs from various parts of old airplanes.

Each MotoArt creation is handmade and unique, and would make an amazing conversation piece in your home — with an eco bonus of keeping the airplane part out of the landfill. While that is in fact vinyl comprising the seat cushions of MotoArt’s couch, we still love the idea of recycling these time worn parts into showy, beautiful pieces of furniture. They’re historical and modern at the same time, shiny, and sure to please your inner magpie. And come on, who wouldn’t want to sleep in a bed made from a 747 jetliner?

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