When little hairy rodents enter our living spaces a unique tension arises; a mouse in a cage is a friend, whereas a mouse found sneaking around kitchen cabinets is considered a pest. Fascinated by this contradiction, Dutch designer Roel de Boer created Mouse Mates, a DIY hanging object that welcomes the furry inhabitants with a structure to play and have fun. On show at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair at the This Way exhibit, this peculiar device reduces the distance between man and animal in a playful way.

Mouse Mates comes with a box full of surprising, self-assembled climbing parts, including springs, slides, and paper pulp beads. It has been specially designed so that our tiny friends can manage a good grasp, without the peril, but with lots of fun. And as a suspended interactive structure, mice are free to leave the scene whenever they get tired.

Mouse Mates also proves to add a beautiful and artful touch to any place it is installed. Check out the installation first hand at the Design Academy of Eindhoven‘s This Way exhibit.

+ Roel de Boer

+ Design Academy of Eindhoven

+ Milan Furniture Fair

Photos © Roel de Boer